For as long as I can remember I have been sewing - all forms of embroidery and needlework including making lace. I started making clothes when I was very young, I also made soft toys to give as gifts and to sell to my friends whilst I was still at school. When I left school I went into the wedding industry - designing and making wedding dresses, these often had very detailed personalised embroidery on them. 

During all this time I still found pleasure in needlework and decided to further my experience by studying with the Royal School of Needlework - so far I have completed the Certificate in hand embroidery with Merit!

I now teach workshops across the country in both quilting and embroidery - two of my favourite places to teach are at the Silver Thimble Quilt Studio in North Yorkshire and Sunnycroft National Trust property in Wellington.

Below are some examples of my embroidery work including my pieces for the RSN and other favourite pieces of mine.

Patchwork, quilting, applique etc!

Here are some of my pieces which involve a number of techniques - such as patchwork, quilting, embroidery. Some of these are from workshops that I have taught, gifts for friends or family, others are competition entries - or just for the fun of it!

The time has come....