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These are my Fern embroidery kits - one for each of the seasons - the first three Spring, Summer and Autumn each use 6 skeins of beautiful Appletons wool and a variety of different stitches.

These are perfect for beginners as they work like a sampler - lots of small areas helping you to perfect your stitching - a perfect start for your stitching journey.

Winter is here!

The Winter Fern has arrived and completes the seasonal quartet of ferns, this one is slightly different to the other 3 as it also blends silver metallic thread and silver beads with beautiful Appletons wools. 

The mixing of metallic thread with the wool makes the Winter Fern slightly more advanced than the other 3 ferns, but the detailed instructions still make it a kit that can be tackled by the inexperienced stitcher!

Feeling Festive?

The latest addition to my popular fern series is Festive Fern - this one combines shades of beautiful red Appletons wool with sparkly gold metallic thread and beads!

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