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My first commissioned piece!

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commission-quilt-dragon-kits 10


Back in August I received a phone call from a lady called Margaret who was looking for someone to work an embroidery piece that she wanted to commission for a care home in Tarporley.

She'd contacted me because years ago I'd worked on a wedding dress for a friends daughter and she remembered the work I'd done on the dress and thought I may be the person for the commission.

I was very surprised how Margaret found me - but absolutely delighted to find out more.

Margaret came to see me and brought her ideas - the wording is beautiful and so perfect for a care home:

In this home of 

Peace and rest

We welcome you

Our lovely guest.

We discussed what else was needed and the colours to be used - the finished piece was hopefully going to be displayed in the foyer of Iddenshall Care Home.

Below are a few pictures of the progress of the piece - 

Initial Design

I worked the inital design out - then decided it needed spacing out a bit more - it looked too squashed.

commission-quilt-dragon-kits 2


- with a little cutting and moving around, I found the layout I liked. I then transferred it by the traditional prick and pounce method onto the linen.

commission-quilt-dragon-kits 3

It was decided that I would work the piece in wool on linen, using traditional stitches such as stem stitch, back stitch, fly stitch and long and short stitch and that it should be worked in reds, oranges and golds, with the lettering in brown.

Starting the stitching.


commission-quilt-dragon-kits 5

Liking how it's looking so far......... 

Floral side piece completed - only the lettering to go!

commission-quilt-dragon-kits 7

I loved working on this piece, it was such an honour to have been asked and I was pleased with the result - I have to admit I was a little nervous when Margaret came to collect the finished work, but I needn't have worried - she was absolutely thrilled - and took it straight to the framers - apparently the care home were also delighted - when they received it and it now hangs in the foyer for everyone who comes to the home to see.

I was so honoured to have been asked to work this piece - fingers crossed that I get to work on some more commissions as I really loved the process.

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